A Look at English Common Sport Names

Sports are generally governed by some kind of codes or rules, which ensure fair play, and enable consistent adjudication of the outcome. In most organized sports, reports of results are kept, and in less popular sports, that information can be widely advertised or reported in sports news. Many people consider sports to be cruel sports, since the rules of most sports tend to be very unfair, especially when players are not properly monitored and protect against common injuries.


Since sports involve physical activity, the physiological needs of athletes are also quite different from the needs of non-athletes. A typical athlete will need more energy and strength than a non-athlete, who will use stamina and energy from an exercise routine. Additionally, athletes have greater muscle mass and higher cardiovascular fitness than the average person, making up for the extra effort required by sports. Thus, when training for a particular sport, a typical marathon runner will require much more training time than a baseball player or basketball player. In most sports, injury is unlikely; however, there is always the possibility of damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, or bones caused by inappropriate techniques, over-exertion, or excessive strain on the body.

There are many different sports names throughout the English speaking world. Cricket is known as the English version of soccer, while basketball is commonly called the American version of football. Soccer has the most number of teams playing each year, while football has just six. Rugby is the most played of all English-speaking sports, with fixtures ranging anywhere from friendly matches to Tests and tournaments throughout the year. These sports can be very diverse, with many different sports involved and many different rules that must be followed.