Exercise in Cantabani

The town of Cantabani, situated in the municipality of Plata D’oro in the province of Santa Maria, Uruguay is not only a paradise for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding them but it is also a haven for those who want to stay fit. It’s not uncommon for visitors to be struck by the healthy lifestyle that the residents enjoy. The population has a low obesity rate and is known for its high levels of physical activity. It’s no wonder then that the city boasts a reputation as a national fitness capital – it is where you’ll find the likes of Brazilian supermodel Thylie Pontes, six-time world tennis champion Andre Agassi, German athlete Peter Sauber, and former football player turned actor Diego Maradona. The residents of Cantabani are fond of outdoor activities and the town has been home to some of the most demanding athletes in the world including sprinter Lance Armstrong. The entire culture is highly motivated and active and many local businesses have contributed to the region’s economy by creating health clubs, yoga centers, and other amenities.


A good number of Cantabani residents are found in good health, but they still need to keep in shape and take regular physical activity to remain in good health and fit. An ideal strategy for achieving this is through the use of a good quality health and fitness center. These centers combine traditional therapeutic methods with modern approaches to fitness to ensure that residents get the kind of care that they need. Health experts have found that the best way to improve body composition is through a combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity. And, as is evident from the aforementioned examples, it is possible to do both in Cantabani.

A good quality facility will usually contain a range of different options that serve to help prevent certain diseases and ailments. For example, there will likely be a swimming pool and an indoor/outdoor basketball court. There may also be a sauna, steam room, or hydrotherapy equipment. This combination of fitness tools can help individuals to work on their body composition, weight, as well as promote overall wellness. Residents can access the program that best suits their needs and can take part in a wide variety of exercise programs to achieve optimal fitness results.