Great Workout For Bodybuilders – Circuit Training, Endurance Training & Static Stretch

When I was younger, my mother always used to say, “if you exercise, you are exercising”. She would sit me down in the living room, arm me with a bunch of towels, and would get into my ballet shoes and start my slow-motion lunges, stepping on the balls of my feet for balance. She would put me in the chair and tell me to try not to sweat too much, and to try not to think too much. You know, exercising is any physical activity that improves or at least maintains the health and well being and general fitness. Now, that I am middle aged and a little older, I am no longer going to visit the ladies’ room because now it is strictly business, no drama, no sports. Now, I can keep my head straight and exercise if I want too; just like my mother used to do.


One of the most popular workouts for the bodybuilders is the circuit training workouts that use sets, repetitions and seconds on each station. They are very effective because they force your body to adapt to the constant stress placed upon it. After time, your body adapts to the constant work and strain, and this adaptation allow you to train harder and longer without getting tired. These are some of the most efficient workouts for the bodybuilders because they are highly effective, and they are very safe because they do not require any equipment other than the mats to do them.

Another common type of workout for the bodybuilders is the static stretching exercise, which is also called static rowing or static cycling. This type of workout is great for building up the elasticity of the muscles, because static stretching actually creates that tension that your body actually needs. The static stretching is also good for increasing your endurance training, as the muscles do not have to exert as much energy and time in order to work; they simply contract and relax when you are engaging in the exercises.