History of Badminton

Badminton is a racket sport popularly played with racquets, usually over long distances. While it can be played equally well with large teams, the most popular forms of this game are “doubles” and “ones.” Doubles refers to two people playing at the same time against each other, while “ones” refers to four people at a time. While singles are generally played by friends who wish to play a friendly game, doubles usually involve professionals. Badminton has also gained in popularity as an international sport, most notably in the United States.


The first major international tournament to be played over badminton was in 1960, at the Olympic Games in Mexico City. The games, mainly doubles, were widely played, though there is now generally known as “open badminton” where anyone who is interested in the sport can play regardless of their skill level. In singles and doubles, the winner always plays against someone else from their country or from around the world.

Badminton has become a hugely popular sport throughout the world, even internationally. It is played not only indoors but also outdoors, sometimes in schools and recreation centers. Most badminton sets come with nets custom made for the sport, and players are expected to keep their feet on the floor throughout the game. Badminton sets can be purchased for as little as $30, though the more advanced and expensive badminton set is usually between fifty and one hundred dollars. Most badminton set consist of three to four badminton racket parts and badminton rackets.