Lawn Tennis Equipment

Tennis is a popular racket game that can either be played single-handedly against a single opposing player or between two teams of at least two players each. Each player employs a special tennis racket, which is strung with lead wire to strike an aluminum or wooden ball covered with felt above or below a green net and into the opposing court. While most players choose to play only on their own server, some tennis schools provide a facility where a variety of tennis gear can be rented by students who wish to make a play on a professional tennis court.


Tennis equipment includes tennis shoes, tennis bags (tennis bag for training and practice, table tennis bag for practice and matches), tennis racquets (tennis racket for practice and games, etc. ), and a variety of rackets suitable for both men and women. A variety of tools and accessories such as chalk and erasers may also be used. A tennis school generally provides all the necessary gear and accessories required for a game of tennis, including chairs and benches.

While the majority of tenis used in regular indoor and recreational tennis games are round, some players enjoy using other shapes of balls and racquets. For example, an individual player may prefer using a racket that resembles an oblong while another may prefer a shuttlecock-shaped tenis. The type of tennis racquet one chooses depends on personal preference as well as the type of strokes that he or she wishes to make. Some players use only their hands when playing tennis while others use forearms or elbows for the same purpose. A variety of styles and brands of rackets are available for these purposes, including those made from graphite and acrylic and those that come in various shapes and sizes to fit any player’s needs.