Learning About the World of Sports

Sports refers to any kind of physical activity undertaken for the purpose of having fun or improving performance in one’s chosen sport. In modern usage, sports can be broadly classified into two broad categories: competitive sports and recreational sports. Competitative sports are generally associated with high levels of physical activity such as Olympic sports and endurance sports such as triathlon or swimming. Professional sport can also be regarded as a type of recreational sport. Many forms of non-sport physical activity may also be considered to fall under the broader category of sports, including gymnastics and dancing.


Many people are familiar with the term sport but are not at all familiar with the meaning of the word. Generally, the sport is commonly understood to mean physical activity of a competitive nature. However, it can also mean a contest among competitors to reach a particular objective. Some examples of competing sports include horse racing, skydiving, golf, tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer and softball.

Some other forms of physical activities that may be categorized as sports include gymnastics, fencing and badminton. A sport is usually a competition, but in some instances competitors engaged in competitions of a more technical nature, where skill alone is the determinant of victory. There are many examples of competitive games sports such as tennis, ice skating, swimming, volleyball and sailing. Recreational sports are generally common in many settings such as school, colleges, summer camps and community athletic events. For example, summer camps and fitness camps often use sports as a way to motivate and teach kids good physical habits and attitude.