Some Of The Different Types Of Basketball

Basketball is a team game where two teams, typically of five players each, against each other on a circular court, competing for the primary goal of shooting the basketball toward the hoop of the other team many times while preventing that team from successfully shooting the ball through the hoop of the other team. It is an extremely popular sport throughout the world. While the history of basketball goes back many years to when it was called “Golf” by its European origins. Basketball has evolved into a very complex sport with many different styles, rules and types of play. Today there are different types of youth basketball programs such as the Division I, Junior College, Power League, International Teams, Mid-American Conference, North/South American Teams, European Teams and the Olympic Teams.


There are two fouls in basketball, both of which are assessed by calling a ball over the rim with a basketball hanging in the basket or an automatic contact foul called a blocking foul. A player may be ejected from the game for committing either of these fouls. The offensive team has 2 free throws of chances to make a basket with their first two shots of the game. If they make a basket, they have been given one free throw of another chance.

Each team begins the game with a traditional formation of 5 on the court with the ball located in the middle at the free throw line. They may begin the game with one player on the top of the arc and two players down the side of the court. There are no possessions allowed during the game and no bench fouls either. The game is played to regulation size, which is 18 feet per foul. These basketball rules are an attempt to standardize basketball rules in order to create a more consistent and fun playing experience for the fans, players and refs.