What is Tennis Racquet?

Tennis is a popular racket sport that is played between two competitors each using a single tennis racket strung with thin, stringy cord on a racket frame to hit an oblong-shaped hollow ball (tennis ball) onto the other player’s court and into his or her court. Tennis strokes are made by bending the wrist and elbow to generate power for striking the ball. Mosttennis strokes are made by using the entire arm and hands, as even the smallest of errors while striking the ball can result in a loss of points. As in golf, it is important to keep the head steady and level as well as maintain a steady balance throughout the game.

Although tenis and lawn tennis serve the same purpose, tennis is often easier to master because it is less physically demanding and less sophisticated physically than lawn tennis. For this reason, tenis and lawn tennis do not usually compare physically when it comes to competitiveness and play. Tennis is also less expensive to begin with and because it is so easy to learn, many people who wish to playtenis choose to play without a table tennis set or protective gear. This allows them to practice tennis on their own time and at their own pace.

The game of table tennis, as well as the sport of tennis, have developed from its humble beginnings back in the late nineteenth century in Germany to the point where today it is one of the most popular sports in the world. Both tennis and table tennis require a sturdy base or court and a lightweight or flexible rackets. A tennis racquet is the handle or club of the game; rackets are the shuttlecocks used in the game. Most players prefer to use short shuttlecocks due to the fact that they are lighter and usually more maneuverable, which makes them easier to swing and hit effectively.