What is the Truth About Fitnes Syndrome?

The City of Cleveland is the second largest city in the State of Ohio and was named after William McKinley, who was born in Ohio and became the first President of the United States. Although born in another country, he would become a naturalized American and was elected by the new constitution. His two-term presidency was marred by the Civil War, however, resulting in the four-part War Major Act of 1775. Today, Cleveland is known for its rich history and culture.

Wellness and fitness are related closely with each other, because good physical health is crucial to longevity and optimal productivity. Health experts divide the wellness of a person into four components: psychological, bodily, social and environmental. Psychological wellness is a mental state of mind that is associated with emotional well-being, mental capacities, personal values and attitudes. BODEMICS (body parts composition) includes the composition of bones, joints, muscle, organs, tissues, blood, fluid, skeleton, tissues, organs, muscles, organs, blood flow and retention. PHYSICALLY wellness is concerned with the composition of the body systems such as metabolic rate, blood pressure, heart rate, hormonal regulation, immunity, muscular strength, muscle tone, skeletal structure and musculoskeletal system. Socially, it refers to the composition of interpersonal relationships, occupational behavior, community involvement, cognitive style, social interaction and work environment.

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle go hand in hand with good body composition and physical activity. An ideal diet should contain lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, low in saturated fat and sodium and should be high in carbohydrate content. The recommended daily exercise levels depend on your own needs. The most effective exercise regime combines cardiovascular exercise with muscle strength and stamina exercises and includes at least one day dedicated to stretching and a good massage. Stretching is important for the prevention of aging and improving flexibility. Muscle strength and stamina exercises to improve your body composition and make you feel healthy and strong.